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Hence, election administration that will attain governmental legitimacy after polls has always been a serious concern to electoral scholars. The only exception is Indian democracy, which has long baffled theorists of democracy. what can i write my essay on know if Considering the nexus between democracy and the economy vis-a-vis the expectation of an average African, Claude Ake of blessed memory averred that: Hence, it is safe to say that low education leads to poverty and poverty leads to low education Bastos et al.

Overseas Development Council March This is why state capacity is one of the major prerequisites for democratic nurturing, sustenance, and consolidation. New links to reinforce democracy. phd by dissertation only software engineering pdf By , after the expiration of his first term, his administration conducted a general election, and handed over to itself.

Eventually, barring all odds, Gen. Unfortunately, in Nigeria, as in most of the developing countries, due largely to the poor economic base, the middle class is a very small minority of the population. cheap essay writing history If you need this or any other sample, we can send it to you via email.

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How to cite this page Choose cite format: All of these problems work against one of the most necessary steps in creating a strong democracy: Once a country has a democratic regime; its level of economic development has a very strong effect on the probability that democracy will survive … emocracy can be expected to last an average of about 8. According to the report, the inflation rate on a year to year basis was 7. Buy an essay democracy in nigeria Like others in her category, Nigeria runs a system, one in which formal rules laws, officially stated administrative rules and practices, etc.

The size of Nigeria is as big as four times the size of the. The Federal Republic of Nigeria words - 27 pages. Buy an essay democracy in nigeria Dissatisfaction with the government and grievances can be found in all three instances of conflict in Nigeria.

The country has had countless military rules and leaders that have promised a push towards democracy, but instead have used their place in power to set up policies to support themselves. But they do not see enough of the money that comes from the oil industry, which explain why the The working class of Nigeria is entirely focused on the oil industry and crops. Buy an essay democracy in nigeria Hence, election administration that will attain governmental legitimacy after polls has always been a serious concern to electoral scholars.

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How to cite this page Choose cite format: If imperfect, the democracy was no more sham … Political democracy may seem strange both in an Asian setting and one without an industrial revolution. You know the mentality of our people. how to writing my college essay easter holiday A key component to the success of Nigeria in particular is to have a complete grasp on their resources and for the people to see some of the revenue that comes from that. This fact, which is sometimes a surprise to African leaders21, was well known to Aristotle more than two thousand years ago.

On top of this, a reach in power is also usually followed by subsequent extending of power to other members of the family. However, despite the doubts and skepticisms openly expressed by scholars, Nigeria, like several other African countries, became democratic. helping others succeed essay writing The nexus between democracy and the strength of the economy reveals that those who are not rich usually confined to mere voting, political career thus become the privilege of those who are wealthy enough to afford the leisure to devote to politics in most western countries, until the advent of Trade Union M. In conclusion Nigeria has never been able to sustain a legitimate democracy.

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The shrinking of the textile sector from in the 60s, 70s, and 80s to 10 in the 90s, also evinces the acute nature of the problem. Generally, the political elites who support democratization are those with no access to power and they invariably have no feeling for democratic values. Buy an essay democracy in nigeria Democratic theory holds that poverty, widespread illiteracy, and a deeply hierarchical social structure are inhospitable conditions for the functioning of democracy. According to the report, the inflation rate on a year to year basis was 7. Western democracy is, therefore, not securely founded because it lacks one of the essential ingredients of success — an influential middle class.

Democracy in Nigeria send By clicking "Send", you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. Semler, Vicki T, ed Democracy in Nigeria has been repeatedly promised by those in power for decades, but promises seem to fall short of their mark and Nigeria remains to be anything but a true democracy. Buy an essay democracy in nigeria However, recent events in Nigeria clearly demonstrate that the polity is far from being a federation, or alternatively as has been suggested, that Nigeria is not a true or real federation. In the extant literature on democratization and state capacity generally, five elements are crucial to the strength of the state vis:

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